Armor Division (Book #7)

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Book #7 in the Dark Corps Series. Ages 6 and up.

The heavy are here...but the Dark is ready!

Timmy Barnes and his five armored friends of Bear Company have certainly been in some strange and dangerous situations, but none quite as strange and dangerous as this one. Together with General Leo and the rest of Corps Command, they find themselves sitting on top of a huge force of the Dark for an entire day while the shadowy creatures hide in the basement and wait for night to come. If that wasn’t bad enough, among them is Total Dark, the leader and most powerful of all the Dark. And if that wasn’t bad enough, the Dark are holding Timmy’s best friend Anna hostage in the basement. General Leo, however, has a plan to call in the four big, brutish members of Armor Division. Together with Bear Company and Corps Command, they’ll form a strategy to win this battle and take out the Dark’s leader. But Total Dark has plans of his own, and the cunning shadow has several tricks up his sleeve to get Timmy once and for all.

Never be afraid of the Dark!