Bear Company (Book #1)

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Book #1 in the Dark Corps Series. Ages 6 and up.

"For his debut novel, Alexander launches a smart, action-oriented middle-grade series that’s designed to keep kids’ attention." -Kirkus Reviews

The battle against the Dark begins now!

Bear Company tells the story of 10 year old Timmy Barnes as he sets out on an adventure of a lifetime to find his father. A journey that won't be easy. Timmy is being hunted by shape-shifting shadow aliens known as the Dark and their leader believes if he captures the boy, he can force the father to build a portal that will bring more Dark into the world. Luckily for Timmy, his father gifted him five stuffed bears that turn out to be more than they seem. These armor wearing, robotic stuffed animals will protect Timmy no matter the cost. And they will have to because the world depends on it.

Never be afraid of the Dark!

Back Cover Blurb

World famous scientist Dr. Peter Barnes has been kidnapped and forced to open a portal to another dimension, letting shadowy creatures known as the Dark into our world. Halfway around the planet, five stuffed bears activate and become Bear Company, the armored protectors of the scientist’s son, Timmy. Together they will embark on a dangerous journey to reunite Timmy with his father. But the Dark will be seeking him out at every turn—lucky for Timmy, he has Bear Company to keep him safe, and to ensure that the Dark is kept at bay.