Dark Ops (Book #12)

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Book #12 in the Dark Corps Series.

Journey down, down, down, into the Dark!

Ten-year-old Timmy Barnes and his five companions of Bear Company have crossed deserts, climbed mountains, and traversed miles of frozen tundra to complete their mission—to save Timmy’s dad, world-famous scientist Dr. Barnes, from the clutches of Total Fright and his minions of the Dark. Now they find themselves deep, deep underground, in the top-secret Ice Base Delta, the headquarters of the Dark Sector, where shadows lurk around every corner. But hidden in those shadows are friendly faces, the members of Dark Ops: a highly specialized group of the Dark Corps that is just as eager to rescue Dr. Barnes as Timmy and the bears are. Together, the two teams must overcome obstacles, face the Dark, evade the agents, and find Timmy’s father—and that’s just the first part. They’ll still need to escape the underground base with their lives.

Never be afraid of the Dark!