Final Eclipse (Book #13) New Release!!!

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Book #13 in the Dark Corps Series. Ages 6 and up.

Every saga must come to an end!

The Series Finale for the Dark Corps Saga! At long last, the five armored members of Bear Company have completed their mission and reunited ten-year-old Timmy Barnes with his dad, the world-famous scientist Dr. Barnes. Their journey, however, is not yet over. The Dark Corps has learned of the top-secret Island Base Epsilon, where the mad scientist Dr. Kronin and the evil Agency have not only been performing wicked experiments on the Dark, but also have the last operational portal left that connects our world to the Dark’s dimension. Led by General Leo, the entire Dark Corps will assault the island with a careful plan. But more than a few surprises await them on the deserted tropical island… including some new friends, nefarious foes, and a familiar house that holds a secret so shocking it will change everything you think you know about the Dark Corps!

Never be afraid of the Dark!