Wolf Squad (Book #2)

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Book #2 in the Dark Corps Series. Ages 6 and up.

The battle against the Dark continues!

Timmy's adventure to find his father continues. Timmy and Bear Company have defeated the Dark alien known as Shroud but they are still stuck in the city and in need of some serious help. Luckily for them, the urban commando team of Dark Corps is prowling the city and eager to take on the shape-shifting shadow aliens known as the Dark.

Never be afraid of the Dark!

Back Cover Blurb

The soldiers of Bear Company, five stuffed bears-turned-armored protectors, are on a mission to escort a young boy named Timmy out of the city on the way to meet up with his father, the scientist who created them.

But shadowy, other-worldly creatures known as the Dark lurk around every corner, waiting for their chance to ensnare Timmy and other children. The bears find themselves terribly outnumbered. Luckily, help arrives in the form of Wolf Squad, a pack of rowdy armored wolves that were also created by Timmy's father.

But will the combined power of Bear Company and Wolf Squad be enough to help defeat the forces of the Dark and deliver Timmy to safety.